Why would you guys do it.... why?

right! so why would you go to a bus stop ask for a girls number, go on a few dates with her... show to her birthday and dance salsa with her, even though you were not going to do it at the beginning... have sex... insist on see each other again the following week! plan that date!... ask her to text you back once you have finished your uni work... and then on the date day.. not only stood her up but not contact her at all!? why?! I thought I was a pretty cool girl, chill out, not need to text all the time, relax, and some people consider me quite friendly and sexy! but stood me up! is waaayyyyyyy too much! could anyone provide me with a good reason? Because the only one I'm having are either he's a full on coward Jerk or is in the hospital, unconscious with no memory!


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  • This is easy. He had sex with you. He got that far and lost interest. It is actually very common.

    Let me let you in on a little secret, guys can live without sex more than they would have you believe. They can live without girls more than they would have you believe. So, a guy can have fun, enjoy some dates, think you are attractive, fun, cool, and still move on.

    Dating is work for guys. It is way easier to hang with the guys or stay at home and spend money on just themselves than it is to date. And, sure, they don't mind some sex thrown in, but that will never be enough for them to keep seeing you.

    If a guy really connects to you and falls in love, that is a guy who will not stand you up or forget about you. He will probably still want you even if you treat him badly or you don't get along. But until they fall in love, all could seem amazing and then the day comes where you don't hear from them. It happens. That's why I keep sex out of it until we are in a relationship and in love. Anything short of that, and I could be disappointed.


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  • sounds like one he is just leaving to try to forget he had a slight attraction to you and he might feel bad, but there are many possibilities he could be one of those guys everyone loves like me and you just can seem to catch a break from your friends family etc..and they may require his love elsewhere but I would give it a week before assuming anything as a week is plenty of time for anyone to get over what's going on.unlike girls guys will make an excuses to do something they don't want to something that may be important so understand all points just wait it out if it kills you then just leave it alone :)

    • Ha! I'm going to go with his a prick, we had plans, he did not only stood me up but didn't even contact. I mean if you don't want I see me, fine! I cannot be everyone's cup of tea! But making plans and don't even bother to let me know that those plan were off!? Really!?

  • The only dates or clients that stood me up (one hour notifications prior included) have been:




    Practical jokers

    Stranded w/o a phone

    So sorry!

    Will love to get the rest of this story soon.

  • In his case, I hope its unconscious at the hospital with no memory. You seem pretty upset!


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