Is she waiting for me to make a move? Is she being nice? Is she really serious about the relationship?

Hello everyone first off thanks for reading!

So exactly one month and around 5-6 ago I met this girl. She really noticed me a lot in the campus and always said hi. We met up a few times and had a great time. So I started to like her from what I have known of her.

So after our 3rd meet up her friend left us both alone so I talked to her. I said hey from what I ve known you so far you are starting to grow on me. Your smart your beautiful and I would like to know if you share the same feelings towards me?

She was shocked and surprised. She said what you did was really nice and all and she told me that I was a little early to say that and we didn't know each other so much. She said she needs time.

So I said OK we started hanging out more having longer chats getting to know each other better when we had a date on the 25th of last month. It was amazing time flew by we left the restaurant holding arms and went to a park. It was very romantic and nice but because her saying I want to wait I didn't want to rush for a first kiss even though it was a perfect moment.

We cuddled and it was so emotional she felt it and so did i. I wanted to kiss her badly but I did not want to rush her. I think now I regret not having kissed her... Anyway.

So we keep hanging out and our exam period comes up. So we see each other less and less and I was trying to arrange romantic meet ups.

They got interrupted by her friends and her but we still were close to each other.

After not seeing her for a few days and she kind of ignoring at one meet up where she had to go somewhere I texted her saying I would wish to be alone with her and I liked her.

Now the confusing part begins. She says she is scared not to give me the same reaction as I did to her. So I assumed she didn't feel the same but her body language on our date was completely the opposite.

So she texts me saying she does not know if she's ready for a relationship and all she wants is not to hurt me.

So I am all honest and say are you not ready for a relationship? or a relationship with me?

She dodges the question by saying lets be friends for now and we will see what happens.

I get angry and want her to be honest. I call her she doesn't want to pick up and rather talk this face to face. I text her that if I go in to that friend game that she will find someone else and that would hurt me.

She gets angry because I accuse her of finding someone else which is actually a compliment of her attractiveness. So she gets angry. I get all honest and tell her to think what's best for her and not me.

She tells me she likes me too all of a sudden but she needs time.

So now we are in this weird position. I went out to the uni gym with her the day after the text battle and she wasn't as close to me as before and then suddenly she was smiling and her eyes were bright looking in to mine.

So what's wrong here I am all honest and she's complicated and confused?

I am seeing her again this Saturday I will kiss her and see what happens.


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  • She is probably nervous... Maybe she hasn't had a boyfriend before. Your forwardness could possibly be scaring her off a little bit. try backing off a little bit so you don't scare her off completely. Tell her you understand where she is coming from and you're willing to take thing slow if that's what she wants. Ask her if there's anything you can do to help her with her confusion. she may also be in doubt of her own feelings towards you. But when she does spend time with you in person, she realizes she does like you and that's when she opens up to you. Girls are confusing, just give her time.


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