Why do single woman like me, flirt with me and turn me down and act weird when I suggest a date (tactfully!)?

How do guys deal with this? It seems to happen to me a lot. And I'm just talking a casual date here?

I'm in my late 20's, tall, good-looking, strong presence, finishing med school, a gentlemen - with a bit of a wild side.

I honestly wonder if woman don't know how to react to a normal date request - or perhaps its the career-driven ones I'm around that never picked up on that (sorry to generalize - but it might be true)

It may be after talking only a few times - but it would be a classmate that I see around but think we would get along well, with the idea of doing something fun where we would get to know each other better.

It may a casual suggestion in person, or if we have been exchanging emails about something, I'll bring up the idea of going somewhere.

Its almost like they are unable to take time out of there schedule. They like talking with me and flirting, but are afraid to even take the stop towards a date. I dunno. Not everyone - but enough to make it annoying.

Perhaps this is just part of the deal, I can accept that.

Maybe I'll start going on match.com lol


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  • It's all about delivery, lack of confidence, or some hint of something else negative about your personality can turn women right off I would have to know more about your techniques before giving you advice on what to do..

  • Perhaps they are not getting it subtle hints, maybe be more straight forward. Or maybe the career drive ones are not into anything casual. I know a few women that won't bother with a man if the feel the relationship will not be long term. You can try building a better rapport with some of these women . And use a different approach. I guess. All I know is make it intentions clear.


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