Trying online dating with 20?

I'm currently 19 and I've never had a boyfriend. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. I may not have the perfect body but I'm not overweight and people always say how pretty my face is. I play sports, I go out, I'm friendly, I smile at people but I still have a painfully hard time getting a boyfriend.

Anyways point, I thought about online dating recently. I'm in college so obviously I can't afford something expensive. Any suggestion there by the way for the UK? But also I feel most people that are doing it are quite a bit older, so would it be awkward for me to join?

Is online dating generally something you recommend? Any dos or don'ts?


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  • Are you open to dating older guys (and I don't mean me,lol).

    • up to 30 would be fine but prob not much older than that. I've just never really done this , so I feel a bit awkward about signing up with one of those pages

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