I need advice on dates?

Im going on a date with a guy I met over Facebook, so we've never talked in person before.

What advice is there? As in what to wear/ how to act or diminish awkwardness/ the kiss, if there is one?

We're going to lazertag/arcade place, is that good? And I'm gonna drive in his car there..

How can I get rid of the awkwardness?


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  • i like to go out for drinks on a first date cause alcohol makes people open up more but since you're underage a walk would be nice. First 2 dates are all about getting to know the other person better, they are basically interviews in which you should make the guy talk about himself, his past, present, hopes, dreams, whatever, so that you get a better picture of him and experience his presence.

    Like a user suggested, make sure you let people know where you're going and make sure you don't go to quiet places with him, stay in public cause who knows what kind of dude he might turn out to be.

    Dont wear anything too fancy but nothing too casual as well. I think something that goes with converse would be nice.

    And for the kiss, you shouldn't initiate it, he must, and you should decide if you want to be kissed by that guy. If you don't turn your head and give him cheek if you do give him a short kiss with closed mouth and no tongue.

    And last but not least don't have high expectations, people can hide their true colors during online chat, they can also still be deceiving after 2 dates.


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  • Go somewhere casual, let a friend know where you're going and with who, dress casually, and do something a little active like maybe bowling or something so in case the guy can't carry on a conversation you can focus on bowling.


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  • I've only ever met one person from offline. And it doesn't really count because he wasn't just a random person from online, but a friend of a friend. So we knew about each other - just never happened to have met in person.

    We just went for a drink (obviously not an option for you) and chatted. We could talk online, and honestly, the conversation seemed to flow in much the same way in person. We talked about similar stuff we usually talk about.

    Also - I suggest remembering, that people CAN come across very different online. I'm not saying he will be, but don't expect him to be perfect. Maybe do something active, so you've got something easy to talk about and do - so there are no awkward silences. Just treat it like any other first date; and make sure you tell a friend or someone, where you're going - just in case.