So I'm frustrated ... I went on a date with a guy and we've barely talked since..

He acted different on the date, I could tell he was really nervous.. When I talked he couldn't always look straight in my eyes.. And at the end of the date he said nothing :0..I'm annoyed because I feel he isn't being honest, and or I scared him off or he really does like me he is just scared of rejection by the way he is 28 and I'm 20... Are older guys in twenties usually like this


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  • Don't base your opinion about him on "how guys usually are". Have you contacted him since? Maybe he's shy or was nervous that you wouldn't like him, maybe he didn't feel the date went well, maybe he's afraid to contact you again, ...

    • He did contact me but made a joke about something we joked about that night and as for seeing him again I haven't and he hasn't annitated anything so I'm waiting on him I did tell him at the end of the night it was fun so...

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    • I'm just gonna forget about him obviously there wasn't a good enough connection between us

    • That's an option too...

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