Do you think he still likes me and wants to date?

I had a first date with this guy I meant online on Monday evening. we spent. He told his mum about the date too. He lived about an hour from town and had to get a coach in . He didn't really know the city well . We went to a nice cafe/bar place. We spoke about everything. He said he's not normally this nervous . He asked if I was as I seemed nervous and he'd ask if I was okay a lot if I wanted another drink. He bought me a drink and tea because I was cold and ordered food because he was hungry we wasn't intending on having food. At the end we walked to the bus stops and he asked which way I was going and both of ours weren't far. He said "Should I kiss you?" I said if you want and he did , it was a long kiss and was about 2-3minutes I pulled away first he didn't seem to want to stop we could've kissed for longer. It was good after we went separate ways. He said he'd email or speak to me later. I sent him a text yesterday saying "Thanks for yesterday I had a great time" he didn't reply . He's been online the site though. What do I do now?It felt like it went good. Is it that he didn't reply because he didn't feel like he needed to as some guys won't reply if you don't ask a question? Do I wait a few days before texting him if he doesn't text me? as I'd at least like to know where we stand if he wants another date or if he doesn't . We spend 3 hours together he was always offering to buy me drinks or whatever.


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  • Yes, he still likes you and wants to date.


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