My ex is stalking me!

Ok he’s not really my ex. We sorta went out last year, but I wouldn’t say we were dating. One month he’d hold hands with me, then two months later he’d ignore me and be with someone else. He would text the girls “good morning beautiful”. As gullible as I once was, I believed he was only sending it to me.

I am really scarred from that and don’t want to speak to him, but he won’t stop sending me messages. We didn’t talk this summer, but he texted me in September. We had a short conversation. Now he’s texting me again, but I'm not responding. He switched schools so I don’t see him anymore, but word is, is he’s feeling depressed seeing bfs/gfs. Two days ago he sent me a message saying “can I please talk to you?”

I feel like I cannot use fb now without responding to him first, or else he won’t stop. What do I do?

I talked with my guidance counselor in school today and she said since he didn't say anything sexually or abusive, there's no need to ignore him.


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  • Hi I had a similar problem, I knew this guy but we never dated then he joined a gaming thing I play. personally best thing is to ignore him hopefully he will go away the more you responsed the mre he gets your attention be very careful hide your chat on Facebook and ignore his messagess don't feel bad stalking can be a serious problem stay away at all costs

    • I agree with you. I don't even open his messages completely because of the new "seen by" thing. I just feel like I can't do anything on Facebook or else I'll get a message.

    • u can hide him from seeing your profile limit him or block him

    • I might just respond to get it over with. I talked with my guidance counselor in school today and she said since he didn't say anything sexually or abusive, there's no need to ignore him.

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  • Guys are all the same

    got that same text, good thing I didn't fall for it :)

    Just ignore him if he's depressed he's just looking for ANYONE to comfort him and to make him feel better. Ignore him in FB as well, or just unfriend him.

    • I think he is depressed and it coming to me for sympathy and advice. That's the vibe I'm getting.

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    • I don't think you should feel guilty, I mean you're not the reason for his depression. I don't know how you can help out without being sucked into his trap, guys can be manipulative, especially to nice girls like yourself. If you want to help out just keep your guard up. Good Luck!

    • Thanks I appreciate the support and advice :)

  • Hay, I got that exact "Good Morning Beautiful" text from a guy also.

    They all do the same dumb stuff!... LAUGH

    I thought that you had to add friends on FACEBOOK...that if somebody doesn't add you that they can't bother you.

    There also must be a way to BLOCK the FACEBOOK or TEXT messages.

    It's simple, if it's bothering you that much you call your phone number service and have your number changed.

    Defriend him on Facebook.

    • Those are some good options :)

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