Guys: If a girl gave you a goodbye kiss like this?

Say at the end of the night of a first date, instead of kissing your mouth, she kisses you on the cheek and give you a cutesy smile and says goodnight.

Would you try to kiss her anyway? How would you feel? Would you like it?


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  • I would like it if you want a slower relationship and it shows that she likes you therefore I would enjoy it and I would prabbly just let it be and maybe get a kiss next time and I would feel amazing=D from just a kiss on the cheek.


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  • yes, I'd pause look her in the eye count to 3 Mississippi and if she's still staring at me kiss her.

  • Kiss on the cheek pretty much means, I like you a friend. If you like a guy, kiss him on the lips (make a move)

    • lol what girl kisses a guy friend on the cheek? he knows I'm interested

    • I know girls that kiss guys on the cheek all the time, and they're just I said, just kiss him on the lips if you like him, OK?

  • Thats cute. Nothing wrong with it. I'm very awkward at lip kissing anyways.


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