Is he "too much/needy" or just really into me?

I met a nice guy, 32 and I am in my late 30's. Yes I want to get married and possibly have a kid so I've stepped up my dating and only looking to meet men who have the same desires as I do. We both live in NYC but originally from the midwest. He's expressed that he is looking for a partner by saying "I would just love to have a female to pour my heart out to right now. I'm so ready to find Mrs. Right and settle down." which sounds perfect...but as a woman if I was to do this I'd be considered needy or psycho. I really like him, and he texts or calls daily. We've been on one date and have spoken for a few weeks, and have plans this weekend as well. Is this a red flag or is this guy just "ready" and not afraid to let it be known?


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  • I'm almost his age but I don't see myself saying something like that. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but really what kind of guy wants to "settle down?" Nobody wants to settle down, that just happens on its own.


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