Is she overreacting....?

I have been kinda dating a girl who I work with over the last few months and we keep it to ourselves. Long story short, I knew she hated drinking; however, I was drunk and thought it would be fun to text her from my cousins wedding (who doesn't enjoy drunk texting). So she got so upset now she said we will never go back to the way we were (very flirty/secretly dating) and also thinks that we are not even friends anymore.

Is she over reacting in your opinion?

to be fair she did say to stop, but she always handled jokes so well I figured she would rather talk to me than not
i'm assuming everyone knows that feeling where you care enough about someone that you would rather talk to them and hope they forgive you than not talk to them!


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  • well I think if she don't like or hates drinking then for you to go and get drunk,its almost like you're not caring about her feelings or you're not being considerate about how she feels because you already know she doesn't like it,so why you do that knowing how she feels? you know? Just tell her you're really sorry and you really care about her and now that she feel like yall can't be the same as before,you have to not only tell her that you care about her feelings but you have to show it. :) hope it works!

    • yea however she knew I was the occasional drinker and at weddings who doesn't get drunk. I said I don't think there is anything wrong with what I did, nor was it that disrespectful ( I wasn't with her) just texting her

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    • i drank but had a designated driver and a stayed at hotel room with my cousins. So hows that disrespectful enough to throw it all away! (I didn't drink in front of her knowing she hates it)? She is saying ti was disrespectful to even text her when drunk...

    • okay well you need to tell her that she need to just stop and think about this because you were being safe,u were being mature (and drunk lol) about your liquor so,there's no need to get mad over txting her drunk,did she say why she felt it was disrespectful?

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  • She is overreacting. First off, you shouldn't have "drunk text" her if you know she doest like it. But then again, she could have just said for to not do that again or she doesn't appreciate it. If she was willing to just end everything over that, she was just looking for a way out and waiting for the perfect opportunity to do it.

  • She's seriously over reaction. I wouldn't even bother with her anymore. She's probably overly dramatic and judgmental about other things too. Sounds like a total headache to me

  • Any particular reason why she doesn't like drinking? Ie did anyone she know die in a car crash etc? Otherwise I'd say yes she is overreacting and why would you want to be with someone like that anyway?

    Next time text someone who finds it funny :)


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