Don't understand where I have gone wrong. She ignored me after an amazing first date.

I met a girl online and we agreed to meet and go out. I picked her up an we got on like a house on fire. We have so much in common and we had such a laugh in the car. I took her to an amazing restaurant which she loved and then went for a walk around the city. She was all smiles and jokes and again just got on so well. We have so much in common. I drove her home an we kissed as we said good night. I said I had an amazing time and she agreed. She said it was as if we had known each other for years. We sent each other a good night kiss. She asked me to text her to arrange to meet again. I text her the next day saying I really like her and would like to meet again but there's no pressure. I messaged her on Facebook saying I didn't mean for my text to come across as desperate. She said "I didn't think that. xx" No response to us going out again or any other contact. I am really gutted. I have never met a girl that I got on with so well so early and I got the impression that she felt the same. I really, really like her but it looks as though she isn't interested.


Why is she now ignoring me? and What did I do wrong? It does seem to be a trend as I am not having much luck with girls lately.


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  • Settle down a bit. How long has it been?

    Facebooking that you didn't mean to seem desperate sounds pretty desperate. Also, not everyone can immediately make plans... People still have regular lives going on. Freaking out that she's "ignoring you" if it's been less than a day is also verging on desperate. Maybe she's trying to see when her schedule will be clear -- not everyone knows their exact work schedule.

    She probably had a great first date, but when you freak out that someone isn't available every second from the moment you meet them, it scares them a bit. Male and female. You probably haven't ruined it, so simmer down and wait and see what happens!

    • Thank you. I just didn't want to blow it but I've not heard from her for nearly a week now.

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    • It turns out she doesn't want to meet again so thanks for your help anyway. Shame. Still don't know where I went wrong.

    • Maybe she was just a good faker, who prenteds to be a different person every time she meets someone. In which case, she's going to run into lonliness time and time again. Just keep plugging away. At least now you can move on to another girl.

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  • she could be seeing other people too and doesn't want to commit to you so she's taking it slow. if she completely cut you off, then she could be dealing with ex boyfriend issues or found another guy online she prefers. I know this from experience.


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  • She's a bitch because she thinks you're a virgin. A good girl will not care if you said you did not come off as desperate. Admitting you were desperate is not usually something studs say.