So confused about this guy.

Hey! Thanks for reading!

Backstory: This guy and I have mutual friends and go to universities near each other. He got my number and has been texting me. I know he is at least a little interested, or at least thinks I'm cute. We've never officially met, but I would definitely be interested in a date.

Anyway, we've been talking for about two and a half weeks via text. I've kind of been waiting for him to make the first move, so it hasn't gone to more than that.

At first, we talked pretty consistently every other day. One of us would say goodbye. It never just ended. Sometimes he'd tell me he was busy and goodbye and would text me later that day, so I knew he enjoyed talking to me. Anyway, here lately our texting has gotten a bit more sparse. Not super sparse, but usually every 3-4 days. I never say goodbye anymore. That's because he usually just randomly quit texting me. I assume it's because he is going to sleep because it is late, but he used to tell me goodnight at least.

So, is he losing interest? I have not talked to him in 3 days.

Another thing is that he always texts me first. Should I maybe start texting him first? I guess I really don't want to because he ended the last conversation and I don't want to be "that girl" as I am not 100% how much he is into me or if he is losing interest.

Sorry this kinda rambles. What do y'all think?

Thanks (:


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  • Its already been a while? Has he texted you by now? If not, don't take it so personal, it doesn't mean he's not interested. It means you have no idea what he's thinking. That's all. If he won't open himself up to you, maybe you should find someone else who will. Don't think this over too much, Don't hurt yourself. Be a stong girl, even if that's all you can be.


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