If you piss a girl off, and she confronts you about it, do you think she's crazy?

For example, this guy asked me out for drinks. First time actually going out. He texted me the night before to confirm and I texted back and said yes and asked what time he wanted to meet. He didn't respond at all. So then I texted him that night, asking if he got my message, and he said, "Sorry, it's been one of those days. Just got my phone charged. When do you want to go?" I just felt like his behavior was rude so I told him that it's late and wish he had responded sooner and I didn't want to go anymore. I'm from Miami so I know I can be a little more direct and upfront than others. Just wondering if men think I'm crazy or mean when I speak up like this...


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  • Not at all, but it comes up as something unattractive and usually they repel away from you.


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