What do I do?

my boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. For a long time he told me that it was just a break and that we would get back together. Well now he has changed his mind and says we just can't make things work between us. The truth is that he is dating his ex girlfriend again. Everyone including his family is totally against this and are extremely disappointed in him. I still want him back but I just don't know what to do. Could it be possible that this is just a rebound relationship? Should I try ignoring him completely and see if he will come back? What do I do?


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  • dont rebond cause it makes you feel worst

    dont go running back to him.

    if you see him acknowlage him but don't speek to him hell wonder why and become curious and may try speeking to you make only short convo tho.. like hi, hi hows you, I'm ok you, gdgd , what you up to kinda stuff

    watching him from distances makes you feel crap don't do it

    If he asks you do you miss him say yeh I guess but you seem a lot more interested in you ex to care about what I'm thinking...

    if your Bi... Then hit on his girlfriend and basicly steel her away from him

    good luck x x x x


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  • i think focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself is number one right now. he's with some other girl and even if it maybe wrong in his family's eyes, it's his will and his choice. he might be in rebound. some guys do come back when they realize how much they didn't appreciate what they had when they had it. I think you should just move on. take care ^_^

  • Yes, it could be a rebound. Two, try ignoring him, but it may not work, so try even more to move on. That's all I can tell you... Sorry.

  • this sucks girll. I know what your going though..

    the same happened to meee.. kinda.. well I don't think it's a rebound relationship maybe

    his ex girlfriend caught his attention againnn..

    what you need to do is know that there is someone out there that just waiting for you..

    i know it's easy said than doneee.. and at the moment I'm going though a hard time with someone I really love and care about... so just try to go out and have funn and enjoy yourself..=]]