What are the odds of a "second chance" with an old flame?

Guys - here's the scenario:

You're seeing a girl. At first, everything seems perfect and you have great chemistry, but for some reason, you kind of drifted away and stopped calling... Maybe you lost interest, maybe you were too busy for a relationship, or maybe you became interested in someone else...

A year goes by, you're back in the dating scene, single... And you see this old "flame" again, but she looks hotter than before, and seems to have matured.

If she randomly asked you to go for coffee or hang out, how would you react? What would you think? Would you give it another shot, or just assume that she's desperate and get scared away?

My friend's thinking about contacting a guy that she dated for a few months (over a year ago) and needs a second opinion before acting on impulse.



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  • If it didn't work once, it's not going to work again. It's just like when an alcoholic quits drinking for 30 years and then picks up a drink, they resort back to their old ways instantly.

    • Hmm... I thought that too, at first. But the reasons why it didn't work the first time aren't really relevant anymore, so I'm not sure what to think.

    • So..

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