Dating the friend of someone you dated?

You flirted with this woman, hung out a bit, and tried a date or two, but found out you want different things. There are no hard feelings at all. During the course of things you met a friend of hers and you hit it off. Would you go for the friend after?


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  • Yep. I was in a serious relationship with one girl, for a couple of years, and in that time, I met a friend of hers (later, her best friend), whom I always thought was something special. However, I didn't have romantic feelings for her, at the time. After it was over with the first girl I mentioned, I later reconnected with my ex-girlfriend's best friend, and we ended up very close friends, and gradually, I fell for her. So, I took a chance. Me and her have been together for over five and a half years.

    Point is, you can find someone good for you, anywhere, at anytime. If you're both single, both get along alright, and both make each other happy, then you gotta go for it. You might not make your ex, or some your/their friends happy doing it, but that's often not important. Finding someone truly good for you is hard enough without having to worry about that crap. If it's a friend, a truly good friend, they'll get over it. If not, you're better off. If it's an ex, you owe them nothing. Harsh, but it's true. Just make sure you're both single when you two get together, if not, then at least have the courtesy to break up with your respective others, and maybe give an explanation.

    Be happy, with the one who makes you happy.


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  • If it's going to make you and her happy? sure, why not? You gotta leave past behind and besides I bet the other person would understand


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