Women: What would it take for a you to date a stranger who just walked up out of the blue?

To date YOU.

What could he do to get your number and become your boyfriend?


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  • Look good

    Dress nice

    Have game

  • If it is completely out of the blue as in I do not know this person at all and he just randomly comes up to me on the street and blurts it out asking...nothing. I tend to say no to those type of guys because of how they approached and the fact I have no clue about this person in general.

    Your best bet is to do small talk. Compliment something on the girl. Find something in common. Say you enjoyed talking with her and would like to talk more sometime and give your phone number or Facebook. Then contact her through text/Facebook some and chat lightly. Work your way up to phone conversations and eventually in person. Then after doing this ask them out. Basically, get to know the girl first and get her comfortable with you. <--- This is how my boyfriend did it. LOL.


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