How do you deal with a shy boyfriend..? Guys how should I deal with you if you are shy?

So Here's what I find funny. My boyfriend is 29 I'm 8 years is senior. so here goes, I realized that he is shy but to be certain I test him out.. so here go:

My text: " I miss you" Of course I do miss him

His Text: " I know"

My Text: " How did you know"

His Text: " We have not spend anytime together for a long time"

My text" Do you miss me"

His Text " Yes I do"

lololololololololol and still laughing.

Now I was expecting my boyfriend to say to me when I say " I miss you" he should say " I miss you too" Now look at the amount of message just to hear him say it... Indirectly...

I thought I was shy, but he beats me to it. Well I was very shy years ago. I mean I would be so afraid to express my true feelings, still a little, but not as how it use to, but I always thought of men to be hard and upright..

Now anyone here ever had that experience?


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  • My boyfriend is still like that. I don't think its shyness I think its more of them not being a romantic mushy gushy type all the time. It could be shyness I think maybe if you two just started being romantic but even so not saying I miss you isn't really being shy. Especially over text messaging.


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  • I've dated one very shy guy before, and if I'm being completely honest, that was a major reason why it didn't work out. He slowly began opening up to me, but I felt like I was having a relationship with a brick wall. He had very little to say to me in general, much less about his feelings, and he said zero to my friends or family. When I met his mom for the first time, he just stood there. Didn't even introduce us he was so shy. Nothing against shy guys in general, but they're not for me. I spent months discussing my feelings to him and how he needed to start putting in the effort I was or it wasn't going to work, but he just couldn't. I felt empty and exhausted by the end. We lasted about 6 months and then we broke up.

    As a very outgoing girl myself, I get along with my now very outgoing guy. Since you have a more shy personality, you may understand and appreciate his shyness more, I'm not sure. But those were my feelings on it.

    • And like lilagirl said below, Unless he's showing other signs of being shy with you and around people, not discussing feelings doesn't necessarily mean he's shy.

  • I've had that experience before. I've also done what he's done. Not in his exact words. I noticed when most people do that they are either annoyed or bored with the relationship. I know for me when I get to that point in a text then I'm responding just to be nice or in a bad mood. You should just ask him why he doesn't say I miss you too...guys don't read between the lines. You have to be very straight forward.

  • mmm my boyfriend was at first like that but the closer we got the more mushy he got and he's learned to share his feelings with me! hahaha but before he was very very shy to the point that it was hard to even hold hands! Now he's more mushy than I am!

  • sounds like you are being overly critical...

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