Do you think there will be a third date?

Had two really great dates with this guy. We talked for hours & we really connecting. Talked about pretty deep and serious life issues. We also teased each other & laughed. There were 3 benchmarks in the date that made me believe he wanted to see me again. One was I mentioned I didn't know how to ride a bike (was never taught) and he was pretty quick to offer to teach me how to ride & said "that's what we should do the next, I'm definitely teaching you" and he mentioned it again at the very end of the date as well and was actually serious about it. I said "I would def let you if it wasn't winter right now" and he said "well then we'll just have to teach you in the spring, that's something we can do" Another thing somewhere in the middle of the date he randomly asked if I go to Williamsburg (Brooklyn) much, I said I had friends there & he said "well the next time you're there definitely let me know cause I live around there." The 3rd was that when he kissed me goodbye he pulled me in, held the back of my head & passionately kissed me, it lasted a really long time & felt like he didn't want it to end or let go. When it was over he just sort of looked at me & smiled.

I Haven't been on a date in awhile I was in a 5 year relationship so I'm a little rusty. But do you think there will definitely be a third date? And what does it mean when a guy holds your head/neck/face when giving you a very LONG kiss?


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  • Usually a hand on the head while kissing, to me, means that I'm there for that person, or it's a way of making the lady feel protected.

    I think he could really dig you.

    From what you've observed, do you see this becoming a lasting relationship?


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  • What would make you think that there wouldn't be a third date? Has he started dodging you? Not returning calls? If so maybe you went on and on about this long relationship like your still into the ex or revealed baggage he decided he didn't want to deal with. Unless he is avoiding you then of course there will be a third date. If he is avoiding you it was a "Damn you were almost the one goodbye kiss."

    • No, he has not been avoiding me. This happened just last night & I did not in the least mention my ex. Not once. I'm completely over him but I was hurt pretty badly in the past so I'm just a little paranoid & wanted a second opinion. That's all.

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  • Seems like a good chance to me. When was the last date and when was the last time you spoke with him?

    • Oh this was just last night. I'm just a bit paranoid. I was really screwed over by my ex

    • Well don't worry about it. Sounds like everything is going well.

    • Thanks! Just wanted a second opinion :)