What's a good first date?

I'm going on my first date in 6 years and I have no clue what to do for a first date. Do you have any idea what to do for a first date?


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  • Something light. Social gatherings are good if you share some mutual friends. Otherwise I always take something safe like pool, darts, or bowling. Gives space for conversation and lessens the awkward silence giving you both something to focus on. I'm also good at all three which gives me an easy in to get a little physical by means of mentoring.

    2nd dates movies

    3rd dates dinner

    4th date you stay in


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  • I've skating! If you live near the beach go for a picnic and walk on the pier and kiss her duringg sunset


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  • RG3>luck

    Uh... Movies? So traditional why not?

    • but you can't talk and get to know the other person during a movie

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    • I was thinking coffee and walk around the mall then maybe a soft pretzel and bowling because bowling can be pretty cheap

    • bowlings a classic. Just don't suck. I hate bowling. So bad

  • A quote comes to mind...

    "Yeah, let's get coffee."

    "Or maybe we could get together and eat a bunch of caramels. It's just as arbitrary as drinking coffee."

    Coffee is nice for a short chat, lunch dates are a bit better, for a girl you know a bit, and dinner is sweet, as little beats the warmth of meeting a girl in the evening and breaking bread.