Third date? Are these good signs?

Had a 2nd date with this guy last night. It seemed like we hit it off. At one point I mentioned that I never was taught how to ride a bike he was quick to say "Well I can teach you, in fact that's definitely what we should do next time, I'll teach you to ride in no time" Then later he asked if I'm ever in Brooklyn (where he lives) and he said "Next time you're there definitely let me know & we'll meet up" I said sure I will. His body language showed he was interested, he was constantly fixing his hair, leaning in, laughing smiling ect. But he would occasionally check his texts which I thought was a bit rude. The date lasted about 2 hours or so. So to wrap it up he said "I'm meeting a few friends in Brooklyn so we should get going, I don't mean to rush you" I thought for sure that was the end of it but then on our way to the train he was flirting with me brought up me not being able to ride a bike again & AGAIN said he'd like to teach me. I said "I'd def let you, if it wasn't winter" He said "well then that's something we can do in the spring" He then pulled me in tight, gave me a seriously long passionate kiss that lasted a long time then smiled at me & left.

I'm confused certain signs say they'll be a third date while others say that he was bored.


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  • Yes, he is definitely interested. Don't try and analyze every little thing. You will drive yourself crazy. lol

    Also, when you read his body language/signs take them in groups. Which ever he is showing more of, i.e. interested, not interested. Go with the one that your seeing more signs of.

    • Thanks! You're right I tend to be over analytical. That was very helpful about the groups :)

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  • Hes interested :)