Why did he avoid you and then came to say bye?

About three months ago a guy moved into my shared house. I was already getting ready to leave. I left 4 days ago. The guy use to go out of his way to talk to me. He also invited me to come out with him and our other housemates. He was rude to one of our mutual friends that liked to hang out with me. But nice to him whenever I wasn’t around. There wasn’t a day that went by without him making up an excuse to talk to me. Then two weeks ago things changed. He went out of his way to avoid me. And didn’t answer my text messages. He went out of his way to avoid me. He didn’t come to any of my going away parties. He always said he had to hang out with friends that were visiting.

I had a fight with him in the last week and then one night after I had dinner with a friend. I saw him and his friend hiding behind a car to avoid me. I got so angry that I deleted him off Facebook. The last Saturday I got so drunk and I told him that I wanted to sleep with him. He was quite sweet and said it happens to him all the time. And he text me saying that I should have a safe flight. I took it as a goodbye.

Then he came up to my room to say goodbye in person.

Why did he avoid me like that? What did I do wrong? I did ask him and he said he just needed time on his own. But he knew I was leaving.


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  • he likes you and he has a funny way of showing it

    • I found out yesterday that he realized that I was in love with him. And that might be the reason he avoided me in the end.

    • Awww :/
      Did it work out? e-e

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