What's her agenda? girls sometimes can be a puzzle.

I have been talking with this girl lately. We talk long hours that we fall asleep on the phone. She gets angry at me as if we're a couple, like when I don't talk. She waits for me to get home when I'm out drinking so we can sleep at the same time. And whenever I fall asleep on the phone, I'll find text messages like she's still talking to me even when she knows I'm a sleep. She's very moody, although she can't stand a day not talking to me. And the next day she would apologize. She insults me jokingly, like she calls me "Text me when you're done, ugly/fat" So I won't reply and she'd call me grumpy. She also would ask me to go out with her like "let's go out of town, ride a bus and return tonight" but end up as a joke. or "I wanna go with you. joke" So I just laugh, Because I don't think she will ever be serious. Also sometimes she'd text me like I want to eat, but I don't have company or I'm alone :( Is that a mind game? Yes, maybe she just needed company although her "crush" would ask her out for a drink just a few walks away from her's and she doesn't want to go.

I am trying not to flirt with her because she calls me "FRIEND" but I'm a little confused. Enlighten me please.


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  • She's into you. I'm 95% certain. Whenever a girl says she's joking all the time she's actually kind of serious. And she's calling you "friend" to test it out. She wants to see if you want anything more.


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