Should I let him know I'm still interested?

I asked him out on a coffee date which went well (he paid for my drink, we chatted and laughed etc), but was cut short when the shop closed. We hugged goodbye/ see you at work and a couple days later he left to attend a course abroad.

Now I won't see him until January, but I just found out from an old classmate of his that he's actually really shy, so what came off as disinterest could just be shyness?

We spoke a little the night after the date at a party, but I left early and we haven't been in contact since. Is texting him now to suggest a date in the new year a bad idea? I don't want to come off as desperate or creepy, but I want to let him know I'm still interested.

He kissed me after a party (we weren't that drunk) which was what prompted me to ask him out in the first place.

I'm going abroad to see family over Christmas, so if I text just before I go (while he's still abroad) then chances are I won't hear from him til I get back :/


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  • Probably should talk with him a bit, see where he's at first.


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  • If it's shyness, you have to take initiatives. Just text for once. If he reply positively it's OK else you don't have to text again. Leave it on him. You have taken an initiative your part is done.

  • just text and ask him how is trip is, see how much he communicates with you.


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