He hates me and broke my heart, but I haven't done anything to him?

At my work, there's this guy that liked me when I first started. Eventually, he won me over and we went on dates, hung out, and talked all of the time.. that kind of stuff. Then suddenly he stopped talking to me and didn't answer me when I asked him if I had done something wrong. Come to find out, he began dating this other girl from work. So I backed off, and I understood that he didn't answer me because he didn't want to keep leading me on if he was dating someone new. I'm also not the type of person to meddle in someone else's relationship. He really broke my heart and I was sad for a while. Well, it's been four months and we haven't said a word to each other. His girlfriend moved to a different state. But he acts like he hates me so much. I honestly don't know why he would hate me. I never did anything to him to make him hate me. I'm over him and it's not like I'm in love with him. I just wonder why he would hate me even though I haven't talked crap about him to anyone and I haven't said anything to him. Opinions? Thank you! :)


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  • wow, I'm not sure, maybe he feels talking to you endangers his new relationship?

    • Hmmm, that's true! I was kinda thinking that. It's not like I'm going to meddle into his relationship, ya know? I'm not that kind of person. I would be totally fine with being friends with him, I think he's a cool person.

    • Well, tell him that. Use language lady, tell him so. Words are powerful, use them :)