Why does he act nervous whenever someone mentions us dating?

So there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too. Yesterday we were at a party and we were constantly next to each other and touching. Most people at the party told him that he should ask me out or mentioned how much of a cute couple we would be. The problem was that whenever anyone did that he would get up and walk off for a few minutes of stick his finger up at the person who said it. Why did he do this? It's clear that I like him and that he likes me.


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  • Does he know that YOU know that he likes you? Because it sounds like he's insecure, like he doesn't know if you even wanna hear people saying they like cute. He is probably afraid of rejection in my opinion :)

    • I'm pretty sure he knows I like him. If he is afraid of me rejecting him, I have absolutely no idea why! There was limited room to sleep at this party so I slept with my head on his chest. He's gotta know that means I like him right?

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    • Your plan sounds good I don't have anything to add :D I hope you guys work out!

    • Thanks :) I hope we do too :)

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