I like him. Now what?

I like this guy A LOT! He and I are in the same English class. I'm kind of shy and he's gotten the wrong idea about me (he thought I was stuck up). I sucked up my pride and attempted to talk to him. So I put myself out there and he said he liked this other girl and I shouldn't take it to heart. So I heard from another source that while he likes this other girl he hasn't totally written me off yet which gives me hope. He's curious about me that's about it. I feel like there's hope but I don't want to read too much into it. I text him but most of the time he doesn't text back. I was told that he's the type that likes to see a girl make effort and likes the chase. I don't know how to proceed with this. I'm the type that likes to know a guy is actually interested before I put myself out there. What should I do?!?!


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  • Its a little hard to tell if I were you ik girls hate to hear this trust me but he sounds kinda like a jerk then again if you REALLY like him put your self out there go along with his games and see how it turns out just try not to attached to a guy who does likes chase because you never know how long it will last