What should I say to this other guy without hurting him?

I joined eharmony, met 2 wonderful guys and went on a date with both of them just one, but I do know I am a bit "in love" with one and the other is just nice...

The just nice also happens to be my friends cousin we found it on the date, crazy coincidence...

He is asking me out however I don't want to give him hopes anymore as I am more involved with the other guy so what should I tell him about the date, I mean he said do you have time for a dinner with me this weekend? what should I say please help meeee

should I say I don't think we should go on a date anymore even though I like you I found someone that I have stronger feelings too and I want to be fair to you, I wouldn't mind having you as a friend if you also wanted that


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  • He'll be a bit hurt, whatever you say. You can just try to minimize the damage.

    Just say you're busy. When you wanna meet up again, make it during the day, that doesn't really give the impression of a date. Or maybe tell him to invite other friends or the friend you have in common. Once he notices you're not into spending time one on one with him anymore, I think he'll get the hint.

    Or you could be honest with him and let him know that you like him, but there's no potential relationship in the future.


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  • You should be honest. Nothing hurts as much as being lied to, so don't do that. Tell him that you like him but don't think you're a good match. If you want to stay friends with him, tell him you'd like to stay in touch as friends.

    • that sounds like a good idea...

      should I mention the other guy?

    • It isn't really necessary, but you can if you like. I mean the other guy isn't really the reason why you don't want to pursue anything romantic with this guy, is he? However, if you remain in touch as friends he will probably find out about the other guy sooner or later.

    • i think the other guy is the mayor reason I want to stop seeing this one, because I would keep seeing him if I haven't met the one I like... I would keep seeing this one until the spark grows but I already have a spark with the other one...