Heel lifts will revolutionise my dating life?

Is it suffice to say height is more important than looks? Because I'm good looking but only 5'6. I have a monumental time trying not to get friend zoned by girls.

Is it time for me to look at heel lifts that bumps me up to 5'8/9? I know it's sad but what's more sad is most of my girls problems will probably be solved.

It's kind of like push-up bras for girls I guess (probably more than push up bras for girls). By the time the girl goes on the second/third date it'll probably be too late for her to un-FZ me when she realizes I'm 2-3 inches shorter XD.


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  • I'm short too. Cowboy boots are your friend. And quite fashionable.

    I don't know that it actually makes a difference, but I feel more confident in them, and that does matter.

    It's not a lie, people know I wear them, and get a "kick" out of it :D

    I suppose heel lifts would be kind of a lie... not a big deal but maybe a little embarrassing when discovered. Or maybe not, I don't know. But boots are a good option.

    • A truthful answer from someone who is actually short. Appreciated.

    • Thanks. Now, all that said, personality and build matter more than a couple of inches. If anything actually revolutionized my dating life it was when I lost weight. That may not be something you have to work on, just thought I'd mention it.

      You're still taller than me, so, take comfort in that :)

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  • height has nothing to do with anything, at least with me. If you're good looking then that's good enough for me. doesn't matter your height.

  • its not like a boob job for girls because girls don't date based on appearances like guys do, it may help, but she will find out sooner or later and feel lied to and know you are actually short and probably dump you.


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  • I know a guy who's shorter than you and he gets plenty of action. The "problem" is in your head.

    • You jumped to a lot of conclusions there. If I wore heel lifts and my dating draught disappeared then it clearly won't be in my head. I'm trouble-shooting my dating life by a process of elimination, whereas you know one guy. Great.

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    • It's not really deceiving, it's a white lie :) What would you say if I wore heel lifts and got a payrise?

      Thank you for empathising with my insecurity though. Isn't this what GAG is for?

    • I'd tell you to be a man and take off the heels and live your life as who you are, not who you are two inches taller. Do something deserving of a raise if it means so much to you. If it means so much to you then go kept talking to women until you find one that likes you just like everyone else has to. How long. Has this "draught" lasted anyway?