Getting mixed messages? does she like me?

Me and this girl were just classroom friends through high school, she got a boyfriend during Sr year, but second semester me and this girl were in more classes together so we became good friends and hung out a few times. She broke up with her boyfriend of 7months over the summer, we texted a couple times, and hung out once after her break up, then she had to leave for college. I texted her a couple times the first week she got there, but she didn't seem to want to talk (one word replies) so we stopped talking, until a week before Thanksgiving break (3months later) I texted her, and we texted for a while she wanted to see me so I sent her a pic and she called me cute. She was still upset over her breakup, but she said she wanted to stop thinking about him, but she said she didn't want me to be her rebound. later we were talking about memories and she asked if I would make new memories with her I said yes then we said we'd hang out over break. So when the break finally comes around I asked her twice to hang out and she said I can't both times and didn't try to make another plan. Now(back at college) she will not text me first anymore, although she did text me at 12 am then 1am a couple days later but I was asleep both times. Anyway, do you think she likes me? I was disappointed when she didn't want to hang out over break, but then I remembered she didn't want me to be her rebound (does she still have feelings for him 4 months later?) so should I ask her again to hang out over Christmas break or just forgetabout her?


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  • I say there's a mild attraction.

    You can never establish a real connection through connection because you can see how the person really reacts to your words, and lack of physical presence in communication takes away a lot of attraction.

    It's better if you talk always face-to-face because this will establish a connection and it will allow both of you to know more about each other, and take it to a long-term relationship.

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