Getting him back: I want to contact him

We used to date for a while. It was pretty complicated because we were both so busy, but I really liked him: I felt alive with him, mentally, physically...I really looked forward to seeing him. Communication just fell apart as work got more intense and as the holidays began to hit.

I've moved on and have been dating other people; I enjoy their company until something goes wrong, and I inevitably think, "well, this wasn't a problem with the other guy..." Like the guy I'm currently dating: on paper, he's perfect, but it's difficult to talk to him, and I don't think he has a clue how to turn me on. I think he's serious about me, but these two things are a concern...

I guess the first guy didn't like me enough, because he could have called etc. But I still miss his company...I didn't get to spend much time with him because of busy schedules, but he made time for me and that was enough for me. (I'm pretty busy myself, so I was pleased to find someone in a similar place and who understood I didn't have much time.)

I'm going to be really busy until after Christmas, but I was thinking after that I'd contact him and see if he's around. I'm wondering if I should just be honest and say that I really liked him and I hope he's still around would I even say that without scaring him? I could either text him or email him...he's awful at calling. Help?


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  • Do you have common friends? Organise a big group outing to 'catch up'. That's what I'd do