I texted him goodnight and he never answered?

So I really like this guy and I was pretty sure he liked me too! We went on a date on Friday and we both said we had a great time (even though he didn't try to kiss me). I just figured he was nervous or being polite. We texted all night the next day and at like 3am I said that I had to sleep and wrote "goodnight:)" and he never answered. I was just being nice, or is that weird? Help!

Also, should I try to kiss him on our next date?


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  • Stop ever thinking it. He probable went straight to bed also. Texting that long is a great indication of attraction. I am sure you will be speaking together in no time if you have not already done so.

    And yes... If you want kiss him first if you want.

    Good luck and happy texting.


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