Psycho ex girlfriend.. what do I do now!?

about 5 days ago this guy texted me named Joe. he is from a town 10 min away so I have heard of him before and seen him when I go to this other town to play sports (co-op) but I've never talked to him in person. We texted for like 3 days and then Friday night he wanted me to go driving around with him and like 4 other guys. problem is, I've only met one of the 4 guys and it was already 10. so I told him I would Saturday.

him and Will (I have met) came to pick me up and it was kinda awkward cause I'm shy, but we talked a little, well then his ex girlfriend (they dated for a year and broke up 3 weeks ago) found out somehow that I was gonna hangout with him and sent him super long messages and one was about how she was gonna kill herself so the 4th time she called he answered and talked to her on the phone for like 20 min and then finally told her that they had to talk in person for 10 min and that was it. So I had to go driving around with will for like 20 min. it was awkward cause I didn't know what to talk about. then will called joe to ask if he was done yet but he never answered to I asked will to just bring me back to town because I had to be home in a half hour anyways. he did and right when we got back to my town joe called. he felt so bad for making me have a bad night and then his girlfriend texted me and apologized for taking all of her anger out on me (she had some really mean threatening tweets) so I told her it was fine.

shes obviously not over him at all and its really bad timing. I think that 3 weeks is really early for him to be moving on but he said he wants to hangout and get to know me more. I kinda like him and I like talking to him. I don't wanna miss my chance by telling him to wait but it is kinda early and don't want to be part of the problem cause she actually is kinda crazy. what should I do?


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  • just tell him that you are interested but you 2 should wait before anything happens. wait till she is over him so that she doesn't do anything foolsih. 3 weeks is a good bit of time though in my opinion. he's over her but she's not over him. but girls tend to get more attatched then guys it seems like.


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