Girls, sharing your dating life with friends is it good or bad?

If there is a guy you are seeing and like very much, don't you want to share your excitement with your friends? And are your friends excited for you and want to hear all about it? Well in my case, it is different. Sometimes women do not like to hear of the good and happy things that come from dating. They are only interested in hearing the bad. If a man does something sweet for me, if I share something positive about him, or even if I get an ounce of attention from a man, I get attitudes, rolled eyes and smart b*tchy remarks. One of my friends I am dealing with now even threw a literal TANTRUM crying and all at a club because she wasn't getting attention. And she rolled her eyes when the guy I am dating now kept wanting to talk to me all night. BUT, she recently went on a date with someone she likes, and now I am suppose to be all ears. I am starting to think that maybe I should not share absolutely anything anymore, even if they ask. But at the same time, should I still be all ears if they want to tell me about their dating life? Has this ever happened to you?


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  • You need to find yourself some better friends! Your friends should be excited for you when you find a guy that is loving and doting to you and should be ready to tell you "F*** him!" if he is an a**hole. I think you shouldn't have to pretend to care about your friend's life moments and they shouldn't patronize you when you feel like sharing. So in my opinion, unless you really feel like sharing and dealing with these individuals, don't even bother talking about your love life with them. If you want to share your happiness or your woes, find friends that will be genuine and share your happiness or help you get over your sorrows.

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