Not sure what me and this girl are to each other.

So, long story short. I've hooked up with my coworker 3 separate nights now in a couple weeks. We text every now and then and have shared a lot with each other. I've spent the night at hers once, and she twice at mine. Always lots of cuddling involved.

The last time we hung out, she invited me out to the bar with her and her friends. She put her arms around me a lot. AT one point leaned up to make out with me. Asked me if I wanted to go back to my place. We did, we put on a movie then started having sex pretty much right away. this was the best time by far. But it got pretty emotional afterward. She cuddled up next to me telling me how much she had missed me etc... She tells me all her insecurities and what not and is very open with me.

Because of this I've started to develop feelings for her but I'm not sure how to go about it...

Forgot to mention we haven't really talked about what we are/where were taking it.


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  • She obviously likes you a lot. And it seems like you care about her too. Just ask her to be your girl already, I'm sure she's waiting for you to ask her anyways. Good luck!

    • The only thing I'm worried about is, we've drank every night. Although the last night we didn't drink as much. The next day we always hang for a little bit though. It's never just sex then leave/sleep. Should add I'm the furthest thing away from a player.

      But I feel like she's still testing to see if I am one. Example I'm usually the one engaging in texts, and she's usually the one to stop texting first.

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