Facebook Message + Text message at once?

Do the rules of texting apply to Facebook messaging at all? If I send a text, then some time later send a FB message/wall post, does that break the rule of "double texting"?

For example send a text message about Topic A, then an hour later a Facebook message/wall post about Topic B

I might be over thinking but I just wanted opinions since I hate to come across as clingy/needy. And do these rules apply differently if they're a crush compared to a significant other?

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  • I would not do both but that's just me I don't find the need to do both its just too much I'd say it's like dude I'm texting you I'm not Facebooking you either. So just stick to one or the other or she's just going to think your creeping on her stuff.

    • haha OK, plus Facebooking seems a bit impersonal anyway

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