GUYS: your opinion is as good if not better then the girls?

OK so I'm starting to fall in love with

my best friend. we have an amazing

friendship and lately it has turned in

to more. we talk for hours on the phone everyday if were not on the phone were either texting or hanging

out, we cuddle, kiss, he loves my kids

and even tells me he is their "daddy"

Because their real dad is nothing but

a douche, he took me to meet his

whole family the other day and even his daughter, we say I love you to

each other, and we even have sex a

lot ha ha. everyone one says were

dating just without the title, but if I

bring up the idea he comes up with a

reason not to like "i don't want to ruin our friendship" or " I don't want a girlfriend right now" or " I don't want to date a

girl with kids" and last last one I just got was "idk". I think he

might just be scared should I just take it day by day and see

if he ask eventually or should I just stop even trying. I mean I

really care about him and you can tell he cares about me he

always tells me he should just stay single forever just cuddle with me. I really want a relationship with him and he knows that but it doesn't seem like he wants one with me. I know he is my best friend but I don't want to get hurt should I stop talking to him and see if he decides to be with me? do you think it would work or cost us our friendship? I don't know I guess I would like to hear what you guys think would happen. I don't wanna lose him as a friend but I think if he got a girl it would completely break my heart.


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  • It's clear that you're only his friend with benefits.

    It's time to move on, though painful. That's how things really work.


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