I'm stuck between two guys I really like!! what should I do?

im confused on my feelings!:( I was dated a guy like a month ago but things ended in bad terms...(he tends to have bit of attitude) so we broke up...and he was out my life... so I didn't bother to keep in touch with him. he told me he didn't want me in his life.. so texts me 2-3 weeks later... saying he misses me and wants me...but I am talking someone new...but this guy I start to like and than I find out he needs his need his citizenship... the new guy treats me like a princess ! but I don't know if he just wants me for his papers...and the first guy I dated told me to gave him a second chance to work things out! I don't know what to do:( sorry my writing is not good ...English is my second language !)


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  • what was it that you were attracted to in each of these guys? Which is more important to you?

    • the first guy he appearance/ somewhat personility ! he fun but I feel like I know more!

      second guy his appearance/personility/ sense of humor/romantic but I don't know if just wants me for the papers! he saids he love me but we only have 2 weeks dating! he treats me like a princess! there both important to me!

    • but I respect them so I did not cheat ! I just hate these feelings..this is the first time it happens to me :(

    • You sound really young, just be single and don't bother with it.