How do I get going again?

So I have been out of the dating game for a few years Because of a relationship and also I had some problems of my own I needed to take care of.

so basically I'm having trouble getting back into the dating life. what should I do? I have tried going out and meeting girls but it just doesn't feel right and when I'm doing these things I don't feel to comfortable anymore. before I got in a relationship I was pretty active and had no trouble talking with girls and getting dates and doing all kinds of stuff. Now its like I don't know the first thing about dating lol.

should I just keep trying to get my self back to form or is there another way I can get myself going? I can go up and talk to anybody but I'm just having trouble sparking attraction and getting girls interested. guess my time off has made me boring.


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  • Getting back to the dating life is hard especially if you've gone away from it for a significant span of time. Your dating muscles are like your body muscles that shrinks whenever you're not using them regularly.

    You should keep on trying, and you'll get to the state where you're active in the dating world.

    You just need constant exposure to women to keep your self going.