Guys, be honest, is this a mind game or interest?

So a guy caught my attention on instagram, I commented on a pic, we followed each other, then he asked for my Facebook then we messaged on there and then he asked for my #. We live one hour away, have not meet in person and only texted a bit.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM...he texted, I answered, he called 2 min later but I didn't pick up, he texted right away, "i liked how you answered Mt call lol"...truth is I didn't want to wake my sister with his call. So the next morning I apologized saying I fell asleep. I know he didn't buy my story. He didn't text but has liked pics of mine on instagram and commented on one. So 2 weeks later I texted, he replied the next day saying he barely saw my text. I replied. He continued texting the next day.

Is he wanting my attention, is he just texting out of boredom or why does he text then wait and start texting again the next morning? Any advice, please give me some feed back...this might sound stupid but I want to know why we keep doing this. We had a lot in common in our messages in the beginning, I feel we might hit it off.


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  • This is a good example that sometimes we rush to conclusions too quickly, where he thought you were making excuses for not answering.

    It really depends on his confidence level. I think he saw it as you not interested, backed off, and is taking it more relaxed now, but I'm not sure how interested he still is.

    • Thanks for the advice, I make fast conclusions because I was played by a guy , he made me believe was interested. This guy just texted me goodnight sweet dreams:) I really am interested, so I'm not sure how to take this.

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  • How do you barely see someone's text? Its either you saw it or not. But I wouldn't read too much into it. Maybe he's been busy OR maybe you not answering his call made him step back just a little. I also wouldn't worry about him texting you for the sole reason thay he is just simply bored. with guys, its ALWAYS some other motive. ( & I don't use " motive" to mean only bad things)

    If your still womdering what makes him take a whole day to respond.. I say mention it to him in a light, nonchalant or flirty/witty way( if you don't want to sound too straightforward that is..or worried he'll think this things has been on your mind alot)

    • Thank you for you're advice, it was helpful. Your right, I guess there has to be a motive for texting someone. I really think he wants me to chase him, but I don't want to chase, so I'm trying to fight the feeling. I might say something like, "text me or feel free to call when your not busy:) " I think the call did make him step back, because he did text right away with a comment about it. Thank you again for your advice.

    • sure your welcome. & I'm so glad you choose not to chase him. good luck with everything though :)

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