How long should I wait to hear back from her?

I met someone new and seemed to hit it off. We just started talking last week and this past weekend we met for the first time at a small mom and pop coffee shop. We ended up loosing track of time and ended up talking for a few hours until the coffee shop closed. She seemed very eager to see me again. She even brought it up at the end of out date. She kissed me on the cheek and said we should hang out again. I'm really into her but waited till today to text her as I didn't want to seem to eager. I sent her a text saying " I had a great time meeting you this weekend. Hope you enjoyed it as well. We should hang out again sometime soon." I normally would hear back from her pretty quick but not even a text or anything since we met. I'm thinking she may be busy with work or something so I'm not too worried but how long should I wait? I don't want to be that guy sending a million texts as that's not me. I sent just the one text but before we parted ways she seemed really into me. We have a ton in common and what we don't have in common seemed to spark the interest of each other. I thought I would wait at least until Thursday to text back if I don't hear from here. Is that too soon or if I just don't here from her just take it as she was being polite and not into me as much as I had thought?


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  • About 3-5 days. More than that, consider you're friend-zoned and you should move on.