Should I text him first or wait for him to text me?

Friday night I ended up hanging out with one of my neighbors that I've been crushing on. We were drinking a bit and we ended up spending the night with each other. Saturday morning before I went back to my apartment we exchanged numbers (I know he didn't give me a fake number or anything because he called me from his phone so I could save his number). Anyway I told him I wasn't going to be home til Tuesday but I actually meant Wednesday. I haven't texted him at all and he hasn't texted me. How long should I wait to text him? I'm hoping to see him again over the weekend.


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  • Wait for him to text you.


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  • If he is interested in you, he should be texting you asap!

    If he wants to play that "game" where the girl has to chase after him, that is full out immature and you should honestly find another guy!

    He isn't worth it if you have to think about how long you should take to answer him.

    Hope you make the right decision about this weekend! If he doesn't answer before then.. think twice about your plans girlll

    • What about the fact that I told him I wasn't going to be home til mid week? He probably thinks I'm busy and doesn't want to text me right away or something

    • that is a great point! If he texts you Wednesday or Thursday then it shows that you were on his mind! Which is a great sign! it all depends if he texts you during those days.