Guys do you kiss a girl when you are drunk when you actually like another chick?

guys when you are in love with a girl and nothing has ever happened between you two and you are not sure if she likes you and she also doesn't know for sure if you like her...

would you kiss another chick just for fun if you are a night out and drunk without any meaning?


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  • this sounds like a case of too many what ifs... How do you he is in love if nothing has ever happened? If he doesn't know if you like him and you don't know if he likes you...again how do we know the guy loves the girl?

    If the entire premise is, would a guy kiss another girl when he likes another girl then the answer is absolutely yes.

    If I was the guy yes I might kiss another girl while drunk or sober with or without meaning...basically guys are not monks. If we don't know if a girl likes us we aren't going to limit ourselves to that one possible (but uncertain thing)... If you feel comfortable to go to him and ask, just ask point blank. do you like me? or give him some way of knowing you like him!

    Good luck!

  • I can't say iv done that. But alcohal impairs judgement. So its certianly possible someone would.


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