Is it totally wrong to tell a guy how you feel via text?

After 5 months of knowing each other, constant mixed signals and uncertainties, I'm desperate to finally to tell this guy how I feel. I've been too afraid to admit my feelings for a variety of reasons. Is it wrong to tell a guy how you feel via text? I wouldn't plan to do it that way, but I'm out of town and worried he'll forget about me if I wait. Furthermore, I think he's with another girl although I don't know the full details of their 'relationship' or if they 'just friends'. I know he has some feelings left for me even though we both screwed things up before.

So should a girl ever do this via text and if so, how?


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  • i have thought of this question myself , so thanks for asking it!

    I have done it by text but did not give complete truth to the matter.( We are both afraid for what ever reasons to let each other know the whole truth. ) We have agreed to meet soon, but still unclear what we are expecting... I need to see the guy in person because text leave to many holes in the conversation.

    I never got the answers I was looking for, so I would somehow text him that you are interested but to tell him how you feel might be misunderstood unless your planning on saying ' I LOVE YOU"

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your comment & advice! I was thinking of apologizing for screwing things up before & telling him that I am interested, but subtly! I am so nervous to send this text, I keep thinking that he won't reply because he's a little bit upset with me at the moment & the fact that there's this other girl who he has been spending a lot of time with...

    • I was scared as well to make the first text... it was over a year since I talked to him in any way. One day I just got the courage up and did it and like I said we both agreed that to meet and to talk. It was a relief that he didn't hate me and that he has been thinking of me as well. Will it work out? I am not sure but I took a chance and it felt good. YOU can do this, if its what you really want you will find the courage. the only mistakes we make are the one that we don't take a chance at.

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