Should I keep trying?

My guy friend acted like a jerk. Sent me short responses to my texts, like

Me: Hey how are you?

Him: Good, you?

Me: Good. How's school?

Him: Good.


We were really close, I don't know what happened. I tried to get us to work things out, and it worked a little while, but he's still the same. One time he randomly texted me something like "I'm so sorry about the way I treated you. I want us to work things out because I miss you" and then we're back to not talking. I mean, I'm not gonna keep trying if the kid is pushing me away, but I miss him terribly. Deep down, I feel like he cares. What can I do to get us to work things out? I feel like he wants to try, but doesn't know how, like he needs a little push. Am I just holding on to false hope, or should I try one more time?


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  • It's best when you give him the little push he needs to move things forward.

    It's not a false hope because meaningful conversations are not established so connections weren't made. You're still strangers to each other that's why confusions are set, and moving it to a relationship status is still not feasible.


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