I have never seen this problem before. The date on my pc changed itself and I cannot fix it.

I am now seeing a security certificate error and my date changed itself on my pc. I right click the adjust date/time and it makes no difference. I cannot get the right date or the day of the week on my pc. WTF?

Ahhh fixed it...thnx for all the answers and especially to the helpful professor palek :)


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  • try actually clicking (left click) the the time and date box -> change date and time settings -> then change date and time with the blue shield in it. you can try playing around in there to see if that will fix it. you may need an admin password

    • It changed the day of the week to Saturday somehow and I can only set the time for the Monday the 12th or Saturday the 10th. Now I cannot sigh into most google related sites including YouTube. How the hell does the date change itself for no reason?

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    • lol try hitting it with the palm of your hand and saying "work you darn computer work!" and then if it doesn't, throw it out the window. who needs technology anyways?

    • Ahhh fixed it. Somehow the bios changed the time by itself. Weird stuff :)

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  • go to adjust the clock again and make sure in the Internet time tab that its checked to sync with internet time. Check your time zone.

    In your BIOS, make the sure the time and date is correct there as well.

    I think you're getting the certificate error b.c of the date and time. It thinks the certificate expired.

  • You'll simply have to dwell in a parallel universe. Free beer tomorrow.

    • Sorry mr mofo I had to buy my beer for the night :P

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    • It seems to be. I once considered a frontal lobe lobotomy but settled for a cat in a bottle instead... hey rice is cheap this time of year and I have no fleas

    • I traded my frontal lobotomy for the bottle in front of me, and fleas are allergic to sake.

  • I would have told you how to fix it. No point now.

    • Thnx man and I will remember you next time and in fact I get a weird message on my desktop. Says some error on the hard drive and pops up every few minutes and it is not a virus.

    • Nah, second fiddle :)

    • Blah blah blah lol

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