Does he like me based on his texting emotions?

Is it a good sign that a guy likes you if they use these faces when they text you






Or is he just being friendly? My guy friend uses these a lot when we text. The other guys that I know liked me used these as well, so it kind of makes me wonder.


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  • Well I use some emoji faces on my phone with my friend since they're funny and she uses them a lot too.

    With a girl I liked, I'm not so sure. Part of me thinks it's too girlie to be sending faces, so I just use lots of 'haha' and 'lol' etc

    the winking one, ;) that's easy to spot as flirting though.


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  • i always found it very weird when a guy used emoticons. I always thought of it as a girl thing, but they could just be doing it because they like to express their emotions through the tiny faces or because the faces remind them of you in some weird way.

    as far as a guy that has a crush on you using them, I've never experienced that. but my sister has seen that a guy uses those when he is trying hard to impress you, like trying way to hard and failing at it. lol

  • all except O.o face lol, but faces in texts are def. good signs

    -love Sosa

  • Just showing emotion

    I wouldn't read into it

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