In a relationship w/my friend, my ex-friend & parents are having issues. What to do?

All of us were friends in the beginning of the year; Dan I've known for 12 years and T I've known for 2 years. I started having feelings for T at the beginning of the year and we started dating in May. All of a sudden Dan & his parents hate me now that I'm dating T. Dan's parents don't live at the house anymore, but my boyfriend & Dan are roommates at his "parents" house that has been in foreclosure, and my boyfriend is paying his share of the rent. I paid for rent in May & June, T & I went on a trip out of town and when we got back Dan told me that I had to move out because him and his parents aren't cool with me living there. Dan said that his mom felt that I was being disrespectful towards her, I was rude to her after finding out that she told T that she used to think he was smart but now he's stupid for dating me. That just really pissed me off, because it's not her place. After me moving back to my parents house, which is 25 miles away from theirs, Dan said that the stipulations were that I'm not allowed at the house that much and that I'm not allowed to spend the night there anymore. Needless to say, this ruined the friendship that Dan and I had. I feel like Dan and his parents are being hateful towards the fact that I'm dating T. I do spend the nights there whenever T & I have plans early in the morning, I just don't see the point in driving all the way home just to have to come back a few hours later, it's a waste in gas and mileage on my truck. Dan constantly texts T about how I'm there all the time and that the house feels crowded. I don't even talk to Dan or the 3rd roommate all that much, I usually stay in T's room when I am there. I've talked to a couple of my friends and they all think that Dan probably had feelings for me and was hoping that I was going to eventually give up on dating other people and start dating him instead, but I'm not into him that way at all. All in all, I feel like Dan is trying to control the relationship that I have with T, Dan is being more like a conservative parent. I've talked to T about this situation and he is just as irritated about it as I am but he's putting up with it because the rent is cheap and when he gets a job that pays good after he graduates he's going to find an apartment for us to move into instead of having to deal with this thorn at our sides.

What do y'all think?


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  • I think it's best that you seek your happiness in your relationship with T. Don't let Dan manipulate your current bliss.

    Dan is being creepy, and just wants a lot of attention. I felt that T has a good heart and you're lucky to have him though Dan is just a thorn in your side that you just need to brush off.


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