What happen on your most favorite date? first date? and most romantic moment?

the question covers it.

my most favorite date was when me and my boyfriend left school early. there's this little restaurant on the side of the road, and right next to it there's playgrounds and multiple trampolines. the playgrounds and trampolines are free to the public to play on, and my boyfriend and I occupied one of the trampolines. We didn't have sex. But imagine it like a giant bed.

My first date was with a different guy. he took me to a movie. it was kind of boring.

my most romantic moment was when my boyfriend and I rode bikes to the top of this hill. the view was astonishing. we could see the entire city.

so please tell me. what was your...

favorite date?

first date?

and most romantic moment?


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  • It was on Valentine's day. It was my first date :) and we sat in a pagoda in a beautiful park and just hung out really and snuggled and played hide and seek and tag. just like kids. It was fun, innocent and romantic. I loved it!


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  • Never had the chance to do it but I plan to just bring my girlfriend to the aiport, out of the blue like on a Friday or something, pick a random destination and enjoy the best week end ever.

    Im not sure if she would like it though


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